… while reactions to SOUS LES PAVÉS have been strong (we receive your kind letters, gifts of books and other printed matter, and—in some cases—monetary/material donations, which is to mention nothing of the fine manuscripts that continue to arrive in number too great to include in any single issue), we remain insolvent. Producing and shipping SOUS LES PAVÉS costs money, and we simply don’t have adequate funds, including the donations that some of you have so generously sent over the last ten months, to keep this publication going. Unless we reimagine how SOUS LES PAVÉS is funded, we must face the very real possibility that this will be the final FREE issue.

Yet possibilities remain! & I want to propose here a series of steps that we (editors/contributors/readers) can take in order to ensure that SOUS LES PAVÉS continues to circulate throughout the coming year. But I cannot stress enough: if adequate funding is not secured, SOUS LES PAVÉS will be forced to shift to a subscription-only format or cease publication altogether. So please, if you value this publication, consider acting on one of the attached proposals.


Every reader should pay hir own postage and cost of production. This works out to be just under $2. If every one of you who receives this publication continuously forwards this small fund to the address below, we will continue the effort en perpetuity.


Because—and I say this with full cognizance of the likelihood that some of you will find this statement pessimistic and even offensive—most of you will not send $2 in exchange for the continued life of this publication (indeed most of you won’t even take the time or muster the generosity to send a single dollar), we must rely on a smaller core of sustainers who will agree to collectively fund SOUS LES PAVÉS with larger annual or quartlerly donations. If 20 people will agree to donate $100 per year (or $25 on a quarterly basis), we will be able to produce and distribute four issues of SOUS LES PAVÉS to 300 individuals over the course of the year. If additional sustainers emerge, we will be liberated to expand our list of recipients (we currently have a mailing list of approx. 1,000 individuals, 300 of whom receive SLP in the mail and 200+ international readers who receive the publication in a digital format).


Asking 20 individuals to buck-up the cash for an entire year’s publication/distribution budget is, in all honesty, asking quite a lot from such a small set, and there’s no guarantee that 20 (or any) individuals will respond to this call. Therefore, we need those of you who have been donating smaller amounts to continue doing so, and we need those of you who have never donated to SOUS LES PAVÉS to consider joining the current list of donors by contributing $5, $10, $25, or $50 in order to maintain this particular aspect of our collective struggle to publish and distribute a politically efficacious poetry in a cultural milieu that consistently demonstrates disturbing tendancies toward the apathetic, the self-interested, and the vapid.


As always, this issue was in part made possible by the generous donations of its readers. A great many thanks to the following donors, past and present:

Tim Johnson, Mary Burger, Teresa K. Miller, Rory Dufficy, Geoff Olsen, Rachel Levitsky, Tom Raworth, Josh Stanley, Pavement Saw Press, Jared Schickling, Charles Godwin, Projective Industries, Joel Calahan, Keith Tuma, Edmond Caldwell, The Chicago Review, Brenda Iijima, Ross Sloan, Tim Earley, Alistair Noon, Austin Smith, William Sylvester + 12 anonymous donors.

Please consider joining the ranks of those listed above by lending financial / material support to this effort …


or send cash, checks, M.O., reams of paper, books of stamps (61cent), ink (Brother DCP-7040), staples, etc. to:

Micah Robbins | 3515 Fairview Ave. | Dallas, TX 75223


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